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Lipitor lawsuits
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lipitor lawsuits

Increased risk of diabetes linked to statin usage - Lipitor, Crestor, and Zocor. Did you use Lipitor to lower your "LDL" and developed diabetes?. June 9, - Lawsuits filed this week claim that drug-maker Pfizer has failed to warn doctors and patients about serious possible side effects of the cholesterol-lowering drug. The two lawsuits claim that Lipitor caused lasting, debilitating muscle and nerve problems. Lipitor users can develop severe problems from use of the drug which cause serious temporary and permanent injuries. Lipitor has been proven to increase. On March 25,a South Carolina woman spoke to a Lipitor diabetes lawyer and filed a complaint against Pfizer claiming that Pfizer promoted and marketed Lipitor as safe and effective. Instead, type 2 diabetics must follow a very careful managed diet at all times, monitor their blood sugar, and potentially get expensive insulin therapy treatment. Severe Injuries Caused By Lipitor As the above list demonstrates some of the injuries caused by Lipitor, there are a few more details about some of these injuries that should be recognized, some of which could prevent any type of injury from occurring what so ever. Call click at this page get your free consultation today. Though the Lipitor lawsuits have not yet gone to trial, and there have been no settlements, lipiotr cases suggest enormous rewards for plaintiffs:.

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